Members of the committee 2007-2010

Dr Stella Kanna-Michaelidou- President of the National Committee on Environment and children’s health
Dr Evi Missouri-EU Coordinator-Ministry of Health
Dr Andromachi Katsonouri-State General Laboratory
Dr Stavroula Demetriou-Makarios Hospital
Dr Adamos Xatzipanagi-Paediatric Society , Larnaca Hospital
Mrs Paraskevi Mama-Makarios Hospital
Mrs Despo Zavrou-Officer of Environment-Ministry of Agriculture and Environment
Dr Maro Solomou- Paediatric
Dr Spiros Pippis-Paediatric
Dr George Kashis-Cyprus Medical Society
Dr Tasoula Kiprianidou-Leontidou
Dr Despo Kassinos Assistant Professor- University of Cyprus
Mr George Stavrou-Ministry of Communication and Composition
Dr Andreas Xatzisavvas-Institute of Neurology and Genetic
Dr Giannakis Gabriil
Dr Arabella Zachariou-Teacher
Dr Michael Tornaritis-Ministry of Education



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