RAPEX - ενημέρωση για επικίνδυνα προϊόντα

In this section you find information about products that are enlisted on a monthly basis on the Rapex Rapid Information website as hazardous to the safety and health of children. Keep in mind that the safety and health of your child is highly dependent on you!


RAPEX - Announcements 2018

RAPEX Announcement regarding dangerous products that were located in the Cyprus market and removed by the Consumers Agency - Ministry of Energy, Labor, Industry and Tourism.



Lectures on Non-Ionizing Radiation - 15/01/2019

On January 15, at 12:00, Dr Stella Canna Michaelidou and Dr Michalis ...

ANNOUNCEMENT - Carcinogenic chemicals were found in rubber flooring

As part of a campaign to check the compliance of rubber floorings placed on the ...