Abstract of the Annual Report 2016

National Committee on Environment and Children's Health Abstract of the Annual Report 2016 During the year 2016, the Committee implementing its goals for prevention and protection of children from the effects of toxic substances and other environmental hazards, has prolonged its efforts for a continuous briefing on scientific developments and transfer of knowledge in educational and public awareness actions. Due to the economic crisis and non-availability of adequate budget for research, the research contacted involved a scientific desk research concerning the latest development on the impact of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (EMF) on health and in particular on children. The subject is closely followed since 2015. All this scientific information has been distilled into concrete knowledge for science based reports and educational material for doctors, health care providers teachers and parents. The Committee directly informs ministries in particular Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Culture, Parliamentary Committees, government officials and the public via written interventions and reports as well as through the official webpage and mass media. Special focus in 2016 was put on holding the spread of Wi-Fi in schools. As an advisory Committee and a moderator on the subject of EMF, the Committee raised awareness and had cooperated closely with the Ministry of Education and Culture. As a result, the Ministry of Education and Culture had issued a special encyclical (January 2017) banning and/or limiting the WiFi networking in public kindergartens and primary schools. The Committee’s publication program was covered financially by the Ministry of Health and includes an updated leaflet on the subject of EMF. In addition, a follow up video from the initial one of 2015 was developed regarding EMF impacts focusing on pregnant women and fetuses. All published videos come now with English subtitles. These videos already have an international response and appreciation, while they’re being subtitled in a number of other languages. During this year, the Committee’s book entitled “Learning and able to protect my child from toxic substances and environmental factors” (2011), was completed for review and expected .to be published on 2017. The close collaboration between the Committee and the Ministry of Health has continued. The Committee is represented at the National Committee for Anti – Smocking, the Enlightenment Committee for Smocking and Health, providing material, broadcast shows on mass media, articles, lectures and public awareness events. The Committee was actively involved in two workshops one being “Childs right to Health” and the second on the “Development of National Action Plan for Children for the Prevention of Accidents and Poisonings”. The traditional annual Seminar in 2016, was aiming mainly to doctors and health care providers, under the aegis of the Ministry of Health Dr. George Pamporidis. Various seminars were also provided for teachers and parents. The Committee has paid special attention to the continuous updating of its webpage, which provides the basic mean of communication and networking. It has a perennial appeal by the public and health professionals. All presentations, leaflets, articles and video are available on our webpage. Networking has spread further with the addition of our monthly newsletter, which is delivered to 230 registered users.



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