The use of mobile phones by children


The Aim of the study was to record the rate of possesion and use of mobile telephone by children of age of 12 years.


A special questionnaire was prepared that was addressed to the children. The questionnaires included questions about how the students use the mobile telephone. The study covered two districts of Cyprus, Larnaca and Famagusta.


The choice of schools was at random and questionnaires were given to all children of the first class of High school. The questionnaires were anonymous and were completed by the children. Questionnaires were given in total 868 children in seven different schools. From the 868 questionnaires distributed 813 were completed and returned.



  • 88% had its own mobile telephone
  • 40% possessed mobile since one year
  • 25% since 2 years and 25% since 3 years
  • 46% of the children take the mobile telephone in the school
  • 51% of the children speak the 5-10  minutes thinly day, while 10% speak the 20-30 thinly day
  • 11% of the children send more than 40 messages the day, while a percentage of 40% sends less than 10 messages the day
  • depite the fact that the majority of the children (70% of them) know about potential implications on their health, nevertheless the keep using mobils without any reservation










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